Checklist for managing vegan employees at work

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Understand there are many different forms of veganism but, fundamentally, it represents a commitment to maintaining a diet and lifestyle that is free from the use of animal-based products.

Create a workplace policy, or insert a specific clause into an existing policy, which outlines a commitment to creating a professional environment that protects vegans from discrimination at work.

Amend existing training materials to highlight the risk of discrimination against vegan employees and include this training as part of company inductions.

Warn staff about the dangers of workplace banter and ‘jokey comments’ that may be offensive to vegans.

Provide vegan alternatives in canteens and business lunches (if applicable).

Provide vegan alternatives during workplace social events, such as Christmas Parties or ‘away days’.

Consider alternatives to a requirement for employees to wear clothes derived from animal products, such as uniforms.

Where possible, avoid vegan employees having to come into contact with a client, or situation, that could potentially prove offensive for them.

Encourage employees to report any and all issues through the use of a pre-existing grievance procedure.

Respond to all complaints in a timely and professional manner.

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